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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Activities Day

Thought I would share this video from the Holy Cross School's Activities Day that took place this morning. These are the female teachers in the annual 50 meter race. Its quite the battle to the finish line as you can see. Don't worry though, not only is the teacher that fell on her face at the end all right, she also won the race! It was a fantastic experience as all the teachers and students displayed so much energy during the numerous track events such as the long jump, hurdles, and 800 meter race. Today was the final of the three days of sports that was also accompanied by some excellent marching, music, dancing and yoga exhibitions. The students are all divided into eight different houses for the year making all the activities very competitive and fun to watch. The houses receive points for how well they do in the track events, along being judged for marching and discipline.

During these events I had the privilege of being a judge and realized for the first time as I stood in the sun that the Indian heat is coming. Today it was close to 90 degrees and the scary thing is that we are still in the winter season. It also hasn't rained once during the six weeks we're been here, but I will not complain about that. At times I feel like I'm in a tropical paradise as I sit on our roof basking in the sun while reading a book. Overall it has been an enjoyable and busy week making me excited for what else is to come.

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